Across every city we serve, LSH Auto Australia believes in contributing to the communities in which operate. We spearhead and support a range of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives that have a direct, tangible impact on people and society.

The company supports a range of charities and becomes actively engaged in assisting community recovery after disaster events.

LSH Auto is working with the Business Council of Australia to support their BizRebuild program, which is focussed on repairing and re-establishing businesses and commercial infrastructure in bushfire affected communities, through the provision of operational and logistic support vehicles.

The company has also, for a number of years, supported the Chain Reaction charity rides through the supply of official and support vehicles to lead the cycling peloton, provide medical back-up and logistics support.

Whilst Chain Reaction’s 2020 program was shortened due to the pandemic the 2021 program covered three week-long challenge rides, in Victoria, NSW and Queensland, that raised in excess of $2.7 million. All donated to children’s charities and added to the more than $34 million raised since the rides began in 2007.

LSH Auto Australia recently announced a partnership with Street Side Medics, again demonstrating our commitment to community by partnering to deliver vital medical care to those experiencing homelessness.

Street Side Medics delivers that care from a specially fitted out Mercedes-Benz van mobile clinic, operating across a range of Sydney locations. The care provided, which has proven to be in high demand, includes examinations, treatment of medical conditions, immunisations, pathology services, and even minor medical procedures.

As a partner for the program LSH Auto Australia will provide a van for fitment as a second mobile clinic and intends to stay involved with the Street Side Medics team as they expand their services.

As a member of the Lei Shing Hong Group, we also believe in environment protection and sustainable development. We are committed to minimising the environmental footprint of our business operations and to employing the highest standards of environmental protection and sustainability in all our operations.

If you are interested in developing more valuable socially and environmentally responsible programs with us, you are more than welcome to contact us by Clicking here.