As one of the largest premium auto dealer groups in Australia, LSH Auto Australia celebrates the art and science of premium vehicles. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of premium cars and associated services across Australia, providing expertise from the forefront of the industry and a deeply tailored experience; all with the aim of continually exceeding our customers’ expectations.

We have a long and unparalleled heritage of partnership with the automotive brands of Daimler AG – Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-AMG, Mercedes-Maybach and Electric Intelligence by Mercedes-Benz.


Our strong partnership with Daimler has propelled LSH Auto Australia to become one of Australia’s largest and leading dealer groups for Mercedes-Benz Cars. This unparalleled heritage of mutual commitment across the years has instilled in us a deep understanding of Daimler’s values and its brand portfolio, enabling LSH Auto Australia to deliver these in a truly exceptional way.

In May 2017, Daimler AG made an equity investment in LSH Auto Holdings, becoming a 15% shareholder and deepening our ties. This investment has elevated our partnership with Daimler AG to new heights and further strengthened LSH Auto Australia’s position as a top Mercedes-Benz dealer group nationally and in Australia.