1.1 These Terms and Conditions (Terms) set out how LSH Auto (Sydney) Pty Ltd, LSH Auto (Melbourne) Pty Ltd, and LSH Auto (Brisbane) Pty Ltd (collectively, LSH) operate the Iridium Club rewards program (Iridium Club).

1.2 A person may only participate in the Iridium Club if they:

    (a) meet the eligibility criteria set out in clause 2;

    (b) submit a membership application to LSH in accordance with clause 2.2;

    (c) and that application has been approved by LSH,


1.3 LSH makes the Iridium Club available at its discretion. LSH may modify, suspend or close a Member's membership or the Iridium Club as a whole at any time.

1.4 These Terms replace the existing Iridium Club terms on May 11th, 2021. By claiming a Benefit after that date, a Member accepts these Terms.


2.1 Memberships are provided by LSH upon application, and LSH may reject or accept any membership application at its discretion.

2.2 Membership applications must be submitted to LSH Auto at


3.1 Upon approval of a membership application, a Member will receive a welcome pack via email with details of the benefits they have access to and how they can redeem them.

3.2 LSH makes Iridium Club membership available free of charge.

3.3 By submitting a membership application, the Member agrees to be bound by the Terms and consents to the collection of their Personal Information.

3.4 A Member must notify LSH Auto Australia, by notifying their LSH Auto operated Mercedes-Benz retail outlet, as soon as practicable after any change in the Member's details.

3.5 It is the Member's responsibility to keep access to its Mercedes Me account secure. LSH will not be liable for the unauthorised use of a Member's Mercedes Me account or Iridium Club membership.

3.6 A Member may cease their membership at any time by notifying their LSH Auto operated Mercedes-Benz retail outlet in writing. Upon ceasing membership, any rights to access the Benefits offered by the Iridium Club will immediately end.

3.7 Membership is personal to each Member, and is not transferable.


4.1 In participating in the Iridium Club, a Member must:

    (a) not breach the Terms;

    (b) not sell or transfer their membership, or purport to do so;

    (c) not engage in fraud or illegal activities; and

    (d) notify LSH as soon as possible in the event of unauthorised use of their membership.


5.1 Members may access Iridium Benefits only if they own a Mercedes vehicle:

    (a) the model of which LSH has determined, at its discretion, renders the owner eligible for membership to the Iridium Club;

    (b) that is a passenger vehicle;

    (c) that is not a fleet or insurance vehicle; and

    (d) if the vehicle has been fitted with a Mercedes Me Connect or Mercedes Me Adapter, that device has been activated and paired to a LSH Auto operated Mercedes-Benz retail outlet (Eligible Vehicle)

5.2 At the date of publication of these Terms, the following benefits are offered to Iridium Club Members:

    (a) Complimentary bi-annual seasonal vehicle health check;

    (b) 10% discount on merchandise and vehicle accessories;

    (c) 15% discount on wheel alignment;

    (d) Capped priced servicing for Eligible Services (defined in clause 5.3) performed on out of warranty vehicles at the prices listed in clause 5.4(c) (Capped Price Servicing Offer), subject to clause 5.4;

    (e) 10% discount on retail labour and retail parts for services performed on out of warranty vehicles, excluding Eligible Services;

    (f) a discount on accident damage repairs equal to 5% of the Member's excess, where those repairs are performed at an LSH Autobody Repairer that is part of the LSH corporate group;

    (g) Access to regional Members-only offers; and

    (h) Exclusive access to VIP events;

    (i) Access to various offers provided by merchant partners through activating each member’s account on the LSH Auto App (this benefit is only applicable upon activation of your account via the LSH Auto App. All terms relating to your LSH Auto App accounts and merchant redemptions and benefits are available for review as part of your LSH Auto App account establishment process).


5.3 Eligible Service means;

    (a) a basic service check, oil and filter change, windscreen washer fluid, AdBlue (applicable on diesel model only), shop supplies, oil disposal and top up fluids (A Service); or

    (b) extensive service check, oil and filter change, windscreen washer fluid, AdBlue (applicable on diesel model only), shop supplies, oil disposal and top up fluids (B Service).

5.4 Capped Price Servicing Offer

    (a) All other items (parts and labour), including wear and tear items, are excluded from an Eligible Service and are at the Member's cost. On inspection of an Eligible Vehicle, the LSH Auto operated Mercedes-Benz retail outlet will advise of any additional works required and will provide a quote for any additional costs that may be incurred.

    (b) The Capped Price Servicing Offer is only available for selected models listed in clause 5.4(c) between 4 and 20 years of age (calculated from the first date of registration) and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Any works required to be undertaken outside of an Eligible Service will be eligible for the Iridium Club 10% discount off retail labour and retail parts.

    (c) Models and pricing

A Service B Service
A-Class / B-Class / CLA / GLA $845 $945 $770 $860
AMG $1,045 $1,145 $950 $1,040
C-Class / GLC / SLC / R-Class $845 $995 $770 $905
AMG $1,045 $1,195 $950 $1,085
E-Class / CLS / CL $845 $1,045 $770 $905
AMG $1,045 $1,245 $950 $1,130
GL / GLE / ML / GLS $945 $1,045 $860 $950
AMG $1,145 $1,245 $1,040 $1,130
S-Class $945 $1,045 $860 $950
AMG $1,295 $1,495 $1,175 $1,355
SL / G WAGON $1,045 $1,145 $950 $1,040
GT / SLS / AMG $1,295 $1,495 $1,175 $1,355
GLB $845 $945 $770 $860
AMG $1,045 $1,145 $950 $1,040
VITO / VALENTE / MARCO POLO $895 $1,195 $815 $1,085
V - CLASS $945 $1,245 $860 $1,130
SPRINTER 4 CYL $895 $1,195 $815 $1,085
SPRINTER 6 CYL $945 $1,245 $860 $1,245
X CLASS 4 CYL $795 $1,145 $725 $1,040
X CLASS 6 CYL $895 $1,195 $815 $1,085

*All Iridium Capped Price services are base services only and do not include scheduled service items.
Items replaced are oil and oil filter. Further additional items will be advised by a service consultant on the day of servicing.
The pricing is for oil & filter service only it does not include any additional items. Any additional items will be advised on the day of service.

5.5 Benefits will be offered to Members from time to time through in-application notifications, SMS, email, on the Website, at LSH Auto operated Mercedes-Benz retail outlets, or telephone marketing to the Member.

5.6 Members may utilise Iridium Club Benefits by booking services via Mercedes Me or the Website, or quoting their Iridium Club membership details at the time of booking an appointment for the service to which the relevant Benefit applies with an LSH Auto operated Mercedes-Benz retail outlet.

5.7 Some Benefits may only be utilised subject to satisfying additional conditions, such as validity periods, or availability. These conditions will be communicated to Members at the same time that the Benefit is communicated to Members.

5.8 Benefits are personal to each Member, and may not be transferred or exchanged for money. LSH will not offer substitute Benefits where a Member fails to utilise a Benefit, or fails to meet a condition of exercise of that Benefit.

5.9 LSH may offer new or additional Benefits to Members at its discretion.

5.10 The Benefits may also be modified, or certain Benefits may cease to be offered, by LSH at any time, subject to LSH giving Members 90 days' written notice of the proposed change.


6.1 LSH may, at its discretion, end a Member's membership by written notice if LSH, acting reasonably, suspects or believes that the Member has breached the Terms.


7.1 LSH makes no warranty as to the continuing availability of the Iridium Club. LSH may suspend or close the Iridium Club at its discretion. If LSH does suspend or close the Iridium Club, it will provide Members with at least 90 days' notice of the suspension or closure. Members may utilise Benefits during the notice period.


8.1 In the Terms, Personal Information has the meaning given to that term in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

8.2 Upon submission of an account application, Members agree and consent to LSH's collection, use and disclosure of information (some of which may be Personal Information) about the Member.

8.3 LSH collects Personal Information and other information about Members so that LSH can carry out its business activities in a professional and efficient manner, and improve LSH's services. LSH also collects Member's Personal Information for the purposes stated in the LSH Privacy Policy, including delivering marketing materials to Members regarding new services and offers LSH believes may be of interest to Members, and conducting market research, marketing or promotional activities.

8.4 Personal Information will be collected directly from the Member.

8.5 By participating in the Iridium Club, the Member consents to receiving direct marketing from LSH.

8.6 Members may opt-out of direct marketing by following the link provided in any direct marketing email (where applicable) or making such a request directly to LSH Auto Australia. Any such opt-out will apply only to direct marketing relating to the Iridium Club, and not to other communications from an LSH Auto operated Mercedes-Benz retail outlet that the Member has agreed to receive, unless expressly stated otherwise.

8.7 Members may request access to, an update to, or deletion of their Personal Information held by LSH by contacting their LSH Auto operated Mercedes-Benz retail outlet in writing.

8.8 Personal Information will be de-identified prior to LSH's disclosure of any information to any third party.

8.9 Members seeking more information about how LSH manages Personal Information may access the LSH Auto Australia Privacy Policy.


9.1 Certain laws may imply terms, warranties and guarantees into the Terms, the exclusion of which would contravene those laws or render void the clause containing that exclusion. LSH does not intend to exclude the application of those laws in this clause 11.

9.2 To the extent permitted by law, LSH excludes all liability arising from or in connection with the Terms or the Iridium Club. If LSH is not permitted to exclude its liability, then LSH's liability to a Member is limited to $50.


10.1 In these terms, unless the contrary intention appears:

    (a) the singular includes the plural and vice versa;

    (b) '$' means Australian dollars; and

    (c) a reference to 'include' or 'including' means 'including but not limited to'.

10.2 The Terms are governed by the laws of Victoria, Australia. LSH and the Member submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of that State.

10.3 If part or all of a clause of the Terms is illegal, void or unenforceable, then it will be severed from and does not affect the validity of the rest of the Terms.

10.4 LSH may update the Terms at any time at its discretion. Updated terms will be published on the Website. If any update to the Terms materially affects a Member's rights, LSH will provide them with fourteen days' prior notice of the update.