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Mercedes boost for homeless

LSH Auto Australia joins Street Side Medics to support the health of the destitute

LSH Auto Australia, the largest Mercedes-Benz retail group in Australia, has partnered with a dedicated group of medicos delivering medical care to people living rough on the streets.

Called Street Side Medics, and founded by Sydney-based doctor Daniel Nour in 2020, the group has been delivering medical care to NSW’s homeless communities using a specially fitted out Mercedes-Benz van for dedicated clinics.

As demand for the service increases, LSH Auto Australia has joined as a major partner and will provide Street Side Medics with an additional van to create a second mobile clinic.

Dr. Nour and his team of volunteers provide medical care to the homeless across a wide range of locations.

Care includes examinations and investigation including specialty imaging and pathology, the treatment and management of medical conditions, immunisations and even minor surgical procedures. A key focus is to identify and treat often long-term health issues.

Street Side Medics has undertaken more than 1000 patient interactions already and has helped to address the often challenging and complex barriers faced by those who are homeless and who face very limited access to healthcare.

Aside from LSH Auto Australia, Street Side Medics has attracted support from a range of medical industry and broader corporate partners.

LSH Auto Australia managing director John Good said in a statement: “What Street Side Medics has done is inspirational. To not look the other way and to deliver such critical medical support is the sort of community commitment that all in the corporate world should be looking to support and encourage.

“This is such a great opportunity for us to contribute in a practical and relevant fashion.

“Providing the platform for expansion, through the provision of another Mercedes-Benz van, is a perfect fit with our ongoing intent to positively contribute to the communities in which we operate. I urge other businesses to find ways they too can contribute.

John Good

“It is often said that the quality of a society is judged by how it looks after its least fortunate.

“The work of Street Side Medics is an example of how that aim can be turned into action.

LSH Auto Australia is proud to be supporting such extraordinary work.”

The partnership with Street Side Medics is one of three major community support programs to which LSH Auto Australia is committed.

This includes the Business Council of Australia BizRebuild program that assists fire and flood affected communities, and long-term support of The Chain Reaction Foundation, whose fundraising bike rides have raised tens of millions of dollars in the aid of children’s charities.

By John Mellor

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